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Real-Time Communication Application

Our team of experts has developed a Real-Time Communication Application, allowing video interaction between its users in real time. The platform has been developed as a web resource allowing users to create chat rooms with separate thematic chats, supporting up to 50 users in a single room. Project has been delivered with the high speed and efficiency of data transmission in mind as well as the compliance with various web standards. 

Key features:

  • Real-time video calls with high-quality video and audio
  • Chat rooms with separate thematic chats for group discussions
  • Screen sharing for presentations or collaborative work
  • File sharing to exchange files, documents, and media during video calls and chat
  • End-to-end encryption to secure video calls and chat conversations
  • Call recording for reference or documentation
  • High-Speed Data Transmission for minimal latency and smooth video communication

Notable achievements:

  • Using a single PeerConnection to receive all the contributions, rather than creating a different one for each subscription
  • Implementation of the smart scroll algorithm on the frontend side that is able to start/stop video streams while user scrolls the content inside the room
  • Adoption of WEBRTC best practices
  • Smooth switching between different network connections: WIFI, 3G
  • Auto video quality setting based on the client’s bandwidth


  • WebSockets
  • Rest API
  • Node.js
  • ReactJS
  • Socket.OI
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Microservices
  • Docker
  • Kebernetes
  • Janus WebRTC server